Braintrust Fxprovides Real ECN trading environment

Braintrust Fxoffers to all customers the best pricing at all times. Trade under the best conditions with the most competitive Interbank pricing.

  • Spread : as low as 0.0 pip
  • Spot Gold Spread: from 2 pip
  • Leverage: up to 1000:1
  • Minimum Deposit : US $1,000
  • Hedge Trading : YES
  • Minimum Lot : from 0.01 lot.
  • Commission : 0.3 pip/Lot

Braintrust FxECN vs Dealing Desk Environment

Feature ECN Dealing desk Explanation
Direct Interbank Access

ECN connects you directly to the Interbank quotes as opposed to the dealing desk environment in search of the best prices.

Asking re-order offer

Braintrust Fxprovides no re-quote services in our dealing desk environment.

Financial news trading

Braintrust Fxdealing desk facilitates event driven trades (breaking news) whereas it may not be available for ECN traders.

Processing Delay

Braintrust Fxdealing desk commits to no-delays in trade executions.